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As the world's leading independent market data licensing specialist, RMA has provided expert services to more than 60 exchanges and trading venues, global banks, data vendors, index licensors and trading system providers.

May 18 2019 marks 20 years since RMA's foundation. Now we plan to call it a day.

I will retire at the end of this year. My associates will continue to pursue their various interests outside RMA. RMA will cease to offer consultancy services from 15 December 2019.

My thanks to all our clients, to RMA associates and employees past and present and to all the friends, supporters, contacts, occasional adversaries and competitors that have done so much to make the last 20 years so enjoyable.

Reg Pritchard
Founder & CEO

The Road to Reasonable Commercial Terms for the EU Consolidated Tape

Published by RMA June 2014

This white paper summarises RMA’s response to ESMA’s MiFID II/MiFIR Consultation Paper and proposes a practical, cost-effective approach to market data regulation and licensing.

Market Structure, Data and Regulation: time to look beyond Consolidated Tapes

Published by RMA May 2013

Real-time access to market data drives trading across asset classes and national borders. Yet regulators still approach issues such as transparency and fragmentation by single asset class and regulatory jurisdiction. Likely result: inefficient fragments of regulation, distortion of market structure and failure to address the market development needs of emerging economies. In RMA’s response to IOSCO’s Consultation Report on Market Structure, we suggest it’s time to focus more positively on connectivity between markets and venues, rather than trying to “solve” fragmentation and transparency issues via 1970s-style consolidated tapes.

Market Data Licensing and Regulation in a Global Trading Environment

Published by RMA April 2012

This white paper aims to draw attention to the role that data licensing plays in enabling access to market data and, indirectly, to the development and maintenance of orderly capital markets in a global trading environment.